8 thoughts on “Contributions”

  1. Being able to give you feedback directly like this in a blog is great.
    We are finding on our journey in supporting students that we as a training organisation or RTO are often left out of the information stream. But recently we were happy to find out that the Listening Tour was open to all. But very disappointed that it has now being cancelled in Darwin?? Darwin is only a small city, what sort of numbers would you need/require before accepting an invited to speak ?

    1. Hi Debbie,
      thanks for the feedback, great to have you on We Hear You! Darwin was postponed as it clashed with another major event, the Early Childhood and School Leaders Conference. The Darwin event is being rescheduled and details will be available on ACECQA’s website as soon as confirmed.

    2. Hi Debbie, ACECQA will be in Darwin on Wednesday 6 June for the forum at Darwin Museum Theatre Room,
      Conacher Street, Fannie Bay Darwin.

  2. Suggested Reading in NQF resource kit……….
    There are a lot of books on the list that are either out of print or a little out of date!
    Would love to have an updated version relevant to the current practices, Especially for QA1 Educational program and practice.

  3. I would like the ACECQA forms to be completely electronic. We can download them electronically but then have to print and fill them out by hand. This makes working through draft a bit old fashioned. I want them so that I can work on them electronically.

    1. Hi Karen, the development of the National Quality Agenda Information Technology System is in progress, more information can be found here

  4. Who has the responsibility for educating additional assistants whom are employed through the Kindergarten Inclusion Packages?

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