National Education Leader

Rhonda Livingstone provides insight into National Quality Framework (NQF) topics of interest.

National Education Leader (NEL) for ACECQA, Rhonda is enthusiastic about, and committed to, assisting education and care services to implement the NQF while supporting providers and educators in the important work of enhancing outcomes for children and families.

View all NEL posts for resources and ideas to help you as educators and providers in your quality improvement journey.

4 thoughts on “National Education Leader”

  1. Dear Rhonda,

    I regularly read your articles and must say they are life changing! They have helped me to improve on my leadership skills, understand better the NQF and improve on the company practices.
    For that reason I came up to an idea of creating a BOOK CLUB for my team, where we read and discuss your articles and critically reflect on our practices.

    Thank you!

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