We Hear You community rules

Comments on We Hear You will be approved by a moderator.

We Hear You is not to be used as an advertising forum or for any commercial purposes.

Any posts which, in the opinion of ACECQA, amount to advertising or promotion will be immediately removed at our discretion.

ACECQA reserves the right to moderate inappropriate content (including but not limited to images, text and links) without notice.

ACECQA reserves the right to set the definition of inappropriate activity on a case by case basis.

Please respect your fellow users and;

  • do not post spam, advertising or commercial content, it won’t be approved
  • do not post anything that is spam or abusive, profane or defamatory toward a person, entity, belief or symbol, it won’t be approved
  • ensure that any content posted meets relevant copyright guidelines.

To protect your privacy, personal questions will not be posted on We Hear You. Your questions may be referred to our enquiries team at enquiries@acecqa.gov.au.

If you have an urgent query please phone ACECQA on 1300 422 327 or email enquiries@acecqa.gov.au


  • welcomes questions, feedback, ideas and comments
  • will respond to posts and comments where possible
  • reserves the right to not publish inappropriate material
  • reserves the right to define inappropriate material
  • reserves the right to address factual errors

(Header photo credit: Mari Camargos)

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